Workshop: Registered Massage Therapy Accreditation


The Executive Director to the Canadian Massage Therapy Council for Accreditation (CMTCA) will host this informational session on the incoming and extensive Massage Therapy accreditation process. The standards far exceed the expectations currently in place and must be met by all campuses offering Massage Therapy programs in the future. Separate deadlines will be imposed for colleges to meet the pre-accreditation (Paper Review: December 2019) and full-accreditation (Site Inspection: December 2021) criteria. 

These accreditation standards and the process through which a college must apply to attain program accreditation are significant and will require a campus’ immediate attention and understanding. The accreditation criteria apply to the program as well as the policies and resources in place at an institution. All colleges, but smaller institutions in particular, are encouraged to begin preparations for these changes now.

Campuses that fail to meet the accreditation standards may be forced to halt student intake for a lengthy re-application period. Incoming accreditation changes may also require a campus to make significant changes to its program delivery in order to meet the standard. As such, a campus may be obligated to inform the ministry’s Superintendent of program changes for approval.

Workshop Highlights:

  • Overview of the CMTCA standards and accreditation process
  • Changes to required contact hours
  • Inter-professional outreach
  • Strategic plans: budget, financials and other institutional criteria
  • Answering submitted campus questions

We invite you to submit your questions to be addressed at the workshop to: 

All questions will remain anonymous.

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Workshop: Registered Massage Therapy Accreditation
Date 11/23/2018

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