NACC's 13th Annual Instructor Development Day

Article courtesy of Aidan Harper, NACC

For the 13th Annual NACC Instructor Development Day, we veered from tradition and decided to hold the event at a member college.  What a great decision that was!  This year's event was held at the new London Campus of Medix College of Healthcare and we are so grateful to them for being our host.

Our theme for this year was "What are we doing to set up our students for success?"  Both speakers Mary Wilk, RN ("Reaching the Finishing Line:  How Can You Meet Your Teaching Goals?") and Michael Lewis ("How to Deliver a Great Lesson Plan") presented on the seemingly benign topic of lesson plans with great professional advice and just the right touch of humour.

Our facilitator, Jerry Bishop, did a wonderful job at recapping each of the sessions.  And Alix Mahe-Matthews of CCO played a crucial role in being our official social media expert.

We couldn't have been successful without Gerry Slattery and the Medix Team:  warm, welcoming, organized, and professional.  Thoughts mirrored by their PSW Graduate, Nick Fardy, who spoke to our instructors at the beginning of the day.

Experiences such as these make me feel extremely honoured and proud to represent Private Career Colleges.

To obtain a link to the IDD webinar, contact Aidan Harper at

"We sincerely accepted the opportunity to host  the NACC instructors development day so that we could share with our peers the new standards we have set and reached for ourselves at our London Medix College campus. Having a new modern campus is incredible however without the right people to sit on the bus our daily trips would be short.  Meeting the participants from many other private career colleges at the NACC event drove home a sense of confidence that we are all on the same journey driving at the same speed with the same destination in mind. Our students become grads and impact our communities in a positive manner. Without self improvement and development we veer off track and lose our way. Hosting the NACC event left us with a solid sense of security and accomplishment reminding us of the immense responsibilities we carry each day. We are all stronger for sharing an immense day." - Gerry Slattery, Director, Medix College of Healthcare

“A group of enthusiastic NACC instructors made their way to a snow-laden London for the thirteenth annual Instructors Development Day on November 26th.  Former acquaintances were greeted with pleasure and new relationships begun as the day’s events unfolded offering plenty of time to share and network.  In the morning sessions participants were treated to excellent presentations by Mary Wilk on the building of lesson plans and rubrics for our diverse learners.  Mary’s warm and approachable style made learning a truly pleasurable experience.  In the afternoon sessions Michael Lewis kept participants smiling with real life anecdotes as he shared his expertise on the three fears each instructor should know along with understanding how our students learn so we can ensure our classrooms are safe and creative places for our students to take on the challenge of new careers.  It was an enjoyable and motivational day – thanks to all who worked on organizing and planning the event!” -  Elizabeth Sholtanuk RN, Personal Support Worker Program Supervisor, Medix College of Health Care



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