Education Works Champions 2013


OACC would like to congratulate member career colleges and their graduates that were selected as Education Works Champions.

Last fall, OACC became involved with the Education Works Alliance, a Grand Erie-based community group with a focus on economic development through training, education and lifelong learning.

This year marks the second year of the Alliance’s Education Works Champion campaign. The campaign highlights members of the Brant, Brantford, Haldimand, Norfolk, New Credit and Six Nations communities who have used education to overcome many of life’s obstacles.

In November of last year, OACC sent out the champion nomination information to members. The names and stories of the 2013 champions were published in the Brantford Expositor, the Simcoe Reformer and on the Education Works website. In total, 85,000 copies of the Education Works Champions supplement were distributed.

OACC is proud to announce that 6 of the 40 champions are from OACC member colleges- 4 from Medix School in Brantford (Joeanne Carriere, Melissa Gariepy, Tammy Hendsby, and Daisy Hoddinott), 1 from the Ontario Dental Education Institute in Ancaster (Jennifer Ramphal), and 1 from Everest College in Hamilton (Toni Knight).

These success stories and the significant career college representation among the champions highlight the value our sector brings to communities. Congratulations!

To access the stories of OACC’s member career college champions and others, visit the Education Works website at

(Supplement cover designed by the Brantford Expositor and courtesy of Education Works)



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