OACC Yours To Discover Conference 2012

Don't miss out - register online for  OACC's Yours To Discover, 39th annual conference for career colleges. With an emphasis on OACC's accomplishments throughout 2011, the conference will feature many updates that you will not want to miss. It's a great opportunity to network, attend workshops, learn about new and exciting products and participate in professional development.

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Internship Exemptions Will Be Extended to Career Colleges

An announcement from Career Colleges Ontario's CEO, Sharon E. Maloney, regarding the internship exemption extended to Ontario's career college students.
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Trade school, not 4-year college, is a better bet to solve the US income gap, researchers say

"'There are too many four-year colleges serving too many students, and too few institutions with greater focus on vocational education and training,' the researchers said."
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