Paul Kitchin

Paul Kitchin | Executive Director

Paul Kitchin has served as the Executive Director of Career colleges Ontario (CCO) since 1990.  He also served as Executive Director of the National Association of Career Colleges from 1988 to 2004.

Mr. Kitchin holds a Bachelor of Mathematics from the University of Waterloo. He has served on and chaired numerous provincial and national advisory committees and working groups pertaining to postsecondary education, including:

  • Chair, Canadian Alliance of Education/Training Organizations (CAETO)
  • Vice-Chair, Canadian Alliance of Education/Training Organizations (CAETO)
  • Secretary, Education and Training Providers Network (ETPN)
  • Secretary, National Education Organizations Committee (NEOC) of the Canadian Labour Force Development Board (CLFDB)
  • Co-Chair, Education and Training Reference Group to the Ontario Training and Adjustment Board (ETRG to OTAB)
  • Member, National Advisory Group on Student Financial Assistance (NAGSFA)
  • Member, Assistant Deputy Minister’s Ontario Advisory Committee on Student Financial Assistance (OACSFA)
  • Member, Advisory Committee on International Students and Immigration (ACISI)
  • Member, Education Marketing Advisory Board (EMAB)
  • Co-Chair, Deputy Minister’s Working Group on Private Career colleges (DMWG)
  • Co-Chair, Deputy Minister’s Private Career College Advisory Committee (DMPCCAC)
  • Chair, Training Completion Assurance Fund Advisory Committee (TCAF AB)
  • Member, Key Performance Indicator  Sector Advisory Group (KPI SAG)
  • Member, Minister’s Private Career College advisory Committee

Mr. Kitchin played a key role in securing an agreement with the Ontario Government to establish a successful Financial Aid Office at CCO that has been beneficial to career college students, CCO member career colleges and the provincial government.  He also led the initiative to obtain approval from the Ontario Government for CCO to be a third party service provider for the maintenance and issuance of career college student transcripts.

Mr. Kitchin has been a strong proponent, throughout his tenure at the association, for student choice, equitable treatment of students, student mobility, student success, quality education and fair regulation within the private career college sector.



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