Sharon E. Maloney

Sharon E. Maloney | Chief Executive Officer

Ms. Maloney, who brings a wide range of relevant experience and knowledge to this critical leadership position, assumed her new role on January 26, 2015.

Ms. Maloney is a lawyer, senior association executive, and government relations professional with extensive experience in representing private and public organizations on a variety of public policy issues, including acting as international trade counsel for Canadian importers and retailers, serving as Executive Director of the Canadian Shoe Retailers Association and Polytechnics Canada, and as Senior Vice President Government Relations and General Counsel for the Retail Council of Canada.

As a senior association executive, Ms. Maloney has led strategic association reviews which have resulted in the identification and the successful implementation of organizational goals including leading the merger of the Canadian Shoe Retailers with the Retail Council of Canada, reorganizing the governance structure of Retail Council of Canada, and designing and implementing the national public affairs strategy for Polytechnics Canada.

Ms. Maloney has enhanced the reputations of public and private sector clients by implementing voluntary codes of practice on ethical sourcing and pricing accuracy, leading members of the Retail Council of Canada in the formation of The Alliance For Bangladesh Worker Safety - a response to the tragic fires and factory collapses in Bangladesh - and promoting the role of applied education in enhancing Canada’s competitiveness on behalf of Polytechnics Canada.




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