CCO Awards 2017: Outstanding Graduate in Business

Gerald Robertson
triOS College Business Technology Healthcare
Gerald came to triOS after a career that was redirected due to various circumstances. Looking to improve his skills and aim his career into a new field of expertise, Gerald pursued a diploma in Supply Chain and Logistics.  
In completing his studies, Gerald always strived to achieve excellence. Whether working on a project, assignment, test or exam and regardless of whether he was working independently or as part of a group, Gerald always did his best to attain perfection.
Gerald was a student who was able to distinguish himself in the classroom, on campus and within the community. While completing his studies, Gerald devoted much of his time to improving the community. He volunteered with Speroway, a Canadian charity, working on their Gift in Kind program. The work involved coordinating corporate donations of food with different organizations, which would then be dispersed to those in need. Gerald went above and beyond in his work supporting Speroway’s efforts, logging about 15-20 hours a week, and even taking the time to coordinate shipments during breaks from class and lunch. 
Sometimes these donations would be large truckloads, but this did not deter his efforts. Gerald put in the work required to ensure that the donations were supplied to the appropriate organizations and that they inevitably ended up in the hands of those in need. As part of the improvements that he implemented, Gerald was able to eliminate the warehouse Speroway used as well as its associated expense. Speroway was also able to partner with another charitable organization to share space, resulting in increased efficiency for both organizations. 
When his studies came to an end, Gerald received a diploma in Supply Chain and Logistics with Distinction, achieving over a 90% average in his program.
“Upon graduation for the triOS Supply Chain and Logistics program, Gerald had essentially built himself a career, and he was brought on staff,” writes Ken Forbes, President of Speroway.
“In the last year, he has been able to increase our procurement of Gift in Kind to nearly double the previous year. This, in turn, is putting food on the tables of less fortunate families in Canada and around the world.”



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