CCO Awards 2017: Outstanding Graduate in Applied Arts

Adeola Ajala
Trebas Institute
Adeola was an inspiration in the classroom. Through his actions, he inspired his fellow students to step out of their comfort zone and evoke creativity in their work. He put in many extra hours preparing, filming and editing projects, not only for his own films but the films of his fellow students as well. Instructors noted that he was a strong member of the student film group and was helpful with the camerawork aspects of various film projects. His support came to the benefit of the entire program, aiding students in making their work look even more professional thanks to his fine attention to detail. 
This unyielding desire to produce the best products possible gained the attention of a supervisor following his graduation, who found that Adeola was very knowledgeable and creative in both TV production and post-production, his chosen field of study at the Trebas Institute. He proved to be a very quick study in the network’s various production settings, including producing, and was noted for his positive work ethic, which has been infectious in his close-knit production department.
“For a recent film graduate, we were extremely impressed with Adeola’s professionalism, attention to detail and the quality of both his video and audio recording abilities,” wrote Patricia Bebia Mawa, Executive Vice President at Silvertrust Media - Afroglobal Television. 
Adeola currently works in various departments at the network, which includes videography in the studio and on location, lighting, editing, directing and well as producing shows, all for broadcast. He has directed and edited many productions that have been aired on Afroglobal Television as well as on OMNI TV through the Planet Africa TV program.



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