CCO Awards 2019: Outstanding Graduate in Human Services

Joe Rossignoli
Westervelt College
Joe was nervous to start the CSW program, and was still grieving the loss of his job at a local warehouse. He was married with 2 young children and had car payments, mortgage payments, other responsibilities. Joe had also not been in school since high school, almost 20 years ago. Joe took this hardship turned opportunity to forever change his life and the lives of others. Joe began volunteering in the community at Brantwood Residential Services during his spare time prior to the beginning of his program. He wanted to be the best CSW for his clients and his community and knew that volunteering was the best start to achieving this goal.
Once Joe began the CSW program, he excelled in every aspect of the program. Joe quickly became a leader and had his peers going to him for support regularly, which he seemed happy to provide, even with the challenges of balancing of his own personal and volunteer time and needs. Joe’s excellence was reflected in his 95% overall grade average (GPA 5.0), as well as attaining perfect attendance. Through his program, Joe was opened up to the needs of our First Nations people in Brantford and the surrounding community. Joe has a thirst for learning about various cultures within our society. He took special interest in Canada’s indigenous community and took it upon himself to learn extensively about the history/culture of the community in order to understand current issues in context to historical events. He felt the need to know more about this special group’s challenges with generational abuse and addictions and how he could be included in Canada’s reciprocity. Joe’s gratitude, integrity and humility have remained unchanged and continue through all of his success.
Joe was accepted at Native Horizons Treatment Centre for his externship. Joe did so well in his position that the agency hired him before his externship hours were completed. He was hired for the Addictions Counsellor –Wellness Mentor position. Joe has since been sent by the agency to many other forms of training and workshops.




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