Christine Fanous

Christine Fanous

Christine Fanous began her career in pharmacy more than 20 years ago in Jordan and was a licensed pharmacist there prior to moving to Canada. She remains a registered pharmacist in Jordan. Upon moving to Canada, friends and family recommended that she stay in pharmacy and after researching her options the best choice was the Pharmacy Technician program at Algonquin Careers Academy (ACA). She studied hard and graduated with a near perfect GPA, which changed her life.

She found that there was a significant difference from what she learned in the Middle East and had to start over to learn the laws and regulations of Canada and the medications available here. She loved her courses and worked hard and when she entered her placement it was like being home – there was no steep learning curve because the courses she took were all relevant and she had studied hard through the program and achieved excellent grades.

During her Pharmacy Technician program she excelled as she understood what competencies were needed which enabled her a smooth entry in the PT role.

In her job as a Pharmacy Technician, Christine earned the respect of her manager, pharmacists and coworkers. Her work is impeccable and she is able to work effectively and efficiently. Her patients trust her when dealing with her for their prescriptions. They know that she is always approachable, friendly and knowledgeable. Customer service is a driving force behind the service that she provides. Her efficiency and skills are reflected in how she manages her workload. When she started, she was responsible for 17 blister pack patients, and now is  responsible for 160 patients. She is continuously increasing her skills base and knowledge through continuing education and participating in various pharmacy courses and training.

After graduation, Christine was offered a role on the ACA’s Pharmacy Technician Professional Advisory Committee (PT PAC) In her role on the PT PAC she has made a significant contribution to the community at large by advancing ACA’s admission process in terms of enhancing the evaluation process for student admission and providing the necessary information that students require to prepare them for a career in pharmacy. In her role on the PT PAC, she was able to provide valuable input to the Pharmacy curriculum. It was Christine’s role as an active and involved member of the PT PAC that eventually led to her being offered the Instructor’s position.

One of the key contributions Christine makes to her community is to ensure that patients, even those who cannot physically make it into the pharmacy, are well cared for. She visits patients in their retirement homes to deliver their blister packs and explain changes to their medication. As an active member of the Health and Safety Committee, Christine ensures that workers and customers coming into the pharmacy are in a safe environment. She identifies issues and helps in resolving them.



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