Princess De-Thomas

Princess De-Thomas

Having originally studied at York University, Princess felt that she did not really have any idea as to what she wanted to do for a career and was very reluctant to go back to school. She did have an interest in the entertainment industry and so she enrolled in the Entertainment Management program at Trebas Institute. In terms of leadership, Princess was a very eager student who enjoyed working with her fellow students on projects that went well beyond the classroom curriculum. She was a big part of our community Food Drive event at the college, as she went through all the submissions for the artists featured on the bill. She collectively navigated through all the various ideas that came to the table and had to deal with many different creative personalities, which was no easy feat. She was very accepting of constructive criticism, which is a very professional trait. She excelled academically and scored very high marks, particularly in the entertainment design courses which included web design, computer graphic design and video editing courses.

In terms of passion, it was obvious that Princess really committed herself to her studies, as she was highly organized, efficient, creative and a fast learner. While on her internship, it went on record that she was the CEO’s ‘right hand’. Princess began to concentrate on the social media aspects at Indie Week and after a very successful internship, she was hired on as the Administrative Assistant to the Founder, Darryl Hurs. In fact, her employer Darryl, recently said that she has an “Extremely positive attitude at work and gets things done ASAP! She’s amazing!” It is obvious that she has a great passion for the Entertainment Industry and has discovered her true passion in life.



CCO Awards 2018: Outstanding Graduate in Applied Arts
Joshua Georgiades

Trebas Institute

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