Rodolfo (Rudy) Ibarra

Rodolfo (Rudy) Ibarra

In 2015, Rudy was going from one job to the next and having trouble securing a position that allowed him to take care of his daughter. As a single parent, his child’s well being and care was first and foremost on his mind. He enrolled in an Information Technology program with triOS College to better himself and to better provide for his daughter. As an OSAP funded student, life was a struggle; however, Rudy’s determination never faltered. While completing his program, his positive attitude and hard work did not go unnoticed. Five months into the program, Rudy was offered an opportunity to work as the campus Network Technology Administrator (NTA). He would work as the NTA during the mornings and attend his classes during the afternoons.

During this time, Rudy tirelessly provided technical support to the London campus students and staff. Rudy was a caring, dedicated NTA and took his job very seriously. If a student was having issues with a home computer, he would volunteer his time after hours to troubleshoot the problem and show them best practices to make sure their computer remained safe and virus free. He was always giving himself to help his fellow students, volunteering to assist the administrative team and instructors and participating in fundraising events to give back to the community.

Rudy persevered, graduating with Distinction and a number of certification designations. He secured a four-month internship with FIO Automotive Canada Corporation and was hired immediately after completing the program. He is living his dream.

“Rudy’s success came from his positive attitude, hard work and willingness to help others no matter how busy or stressful his life was as a student and single parent” wrote triOS London’s campus Director, Dianne Stanley-Wells.



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