Shea Al-Khair

Shea Al-Khair

In school and in the workplace, there are individuals who continuously lift the spirits of those around them and inspire others to join them in achieving success. As a Film/TV student, Shea Al-Khair was extremely eager to study film production and spent many extra hours going above and beyond for class projects. Shea’s consistently positive outlook, as well as his passion for cinematography, inspired his classmates to embrace creativity. Shea encouraged his colleagues to excel, and offered a hand in any way possible, whether it was help editing or simply offering constructive criticism.

During his internship with the video technologies company Vistek during an event at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Shea stood out from the crowd. His shining personality and affinity for video production and postproduction caught the eye of Vistek marketing staff, who later recommended him for employment in his field. Shea is currently employed at Vistek as a marketing and warehouse assistant.



CCO Awards 2018: Outstanding Graduate in Applied Arts
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