As a proud member of Career Colleges Ontario, we pledge to abide by all the provisions laid down to us by the Private Career Colleges Act and the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. Further, we commit to provide students with a high standard of training in a professional, caring and trustworthy learning environment. Accordingly, we pledge to adhere to the following:

To demonstrate financial, legal and ethical accountability.

To ensure that the institution, through its representatives or advertising and promotional material, does not make any inaccurate, misleading or exaggerated claims.

To determine to the best of our ability that the student is fully informed and has made an appropriate choice of training program.

To ensure each student is advised in writing, at the time of registration, details of the entire cost of their course of instruction including all textbooks and related equipment and to inform each applicant how payment of fees is to be made.

To inform the student of program objectives, content, resources, evaluation and methodology used in training.

To fully inform the students regarding their rights and obligations related to Student Financial Assistance.

To ensure that students receive a properly signed copy of their enrolment form together with a copy of the refund and withdrawal policy as it pertains to the Private Career College Act in the Province of Ontario.

To maintain safe facilities, and to comply with all civic and provincial regulations pertaining to fire, health and safety.

To provide adequate and up to date equipment to meet the needs of the program.

To maintain open communication between the administration and the students.

To assess and report on the student’s progress on a regular basis.

To provide employment counselling and advice to all students enrolled in a career program.

To issue to the student a certificate or diploma on successful completion of training and fulfilment of student obligations to the College.

CCO and its members are committed to student satisfaction. Failure to adhere to the Code of Ethics may result in suspension of membership with CCO.

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