Here’s what our members have to say about our services:

Cornerstone College of Healthcare and Business

“Cornerstone College of Healthcare and Business is a proud CCO member because it provides full direction and supervision to the college in meeting the compliance standards. CCO responds promptly to the needs of the college at all times.” 

Institute of Technical Trades

“As a small trade school CCO gives us a bigger voice representing and communicating with the provincial politicians and Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. CCO ‘s OSAP processing service  is fast and professional . The annual conference offers great networking opportunities.”  

National Institute

“Being a member of CCO, we feel secured in seeking timely professional help and guidance for dealing with Ministry and Compliance Issues. CCO’s annual conferences offer a great opportunity for networking and professional growth. The additional benefit of CCO membership is joint membership of NACC and their resources. National Institute highly recommends new PCCs to opt for CCO membership.”

New Skills College of Health, Business & Technology

“CCO looks after its members by providing timely and informative seminars to keep everyone up to date.” 

triOS College

“We feel confident that Paul and the staff at CCO are representing our sector well through their active communications with the provincial politicians and the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities staff.” 

Willis College

“These past two months, our college transitioned away from sending OSAP applications directly to the Student Support Branch at the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities and instead have forwarded them directly to CCO for processing. Since this transition, applications that were stagnant with the Ministry have been reviewed and processed and new applications sent to CCO are processed in a matter of days compared to 4-8 weeks with the Ministry.

Having a reliable contact that responds to enquiries is invaluable. Their quick responses allow our student to enroll quicker and get the funding they need so that they can pursue their new education with fewer obstacles and less stress.”

CCO Affiliates