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You can check this information by accessing the student’s application through the FAO Student Inquiry.

You can check this information by accessing the student’s application through the FAO Student Inquiry.

Undischarged Bankruptcy:

  1. Copy of the Notice to Creditors
  2. A letter from the trustee indicating the following:
    • Date the student filed bankruptcy or initiated a related event (consumer proposal)
    • That the following conditions have been met:
    • No student financial assistance programs funded by the Province of Ontario and/or the Government of Canada are creditors in the bankruptcy
    • None of the funding given to the student through any OSAP program in the 2017-2018 OSAP year (August 1, 2017 to August 31, 2018) will be seized to repay any creditor(s) listed in the bankruptcy. (Academic year must be updated to reflect the year the student is attending).

Discharged Bankruptcy:

  • Copy of Notice of Bankruptcy
  • Copy of the Certificate of Discharge; OR
  • Copy of paid in full letter; OR
  • Order of Absolute Discharge from the Courts; OR
  • Bankruptcy and Insolvency Search Extract from the Superintendent of Bankruptcy.

If there are prior student loans that have not been discharged, additional documentation (one of the following) is required:

  • A letter from the student’s financial institution, the National Student Loans Service Centre, and/or the student’s collection agency confirming that there is no outstanding balance on any student loans issued to the student.

The student has the option to receive their full OSAP (loans and grants) or grant funding only. The student can request the grant funding through their online OSAP account after their application is assessed. If the student is unable to do this, they can also provide the paper form.

CCO is unable to give you an update on the student’s OSOG review as this is submitted to the Ministry for their review and decision. CCO is not informed of any further documentation required or current status.

The Financial Aid Office has an obligation to protect the student’s right to privacy and to make judicious use of student data and academic information in its possession as required by the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, R.R.O. 1990, Province of Ontario (FIPPA).

The Financial Aid Office is responsible and accountable for maintaining the confidentiality and privacy of all records containing personal information and for compliance with this policy when working with and having access to confidential records and personal information.

Are you a student with a question for our Financial Aid Office? Please consult our student FAQ page for answers prior to contacting the association.

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