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Career Colleges Ontario further strengthening the student experience

Ontario’s regulated career colleges formalize a standard of practice for student experience (BRANTFORD, March 16, 2023) – Ontario’s regulated career colleges have formalized a Standards […]

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MCU Welcomes New Director, Superintendent of Private Career Colleges

BRANTFORD, July, 2021 – Today, the Ministry of Colleges and Universities announced its Acting Director and Superintendent of Private Career Colleges, Travis Coulter, is stepping into a new […]

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2021 Annual Report

Career Colleges Ontario is thrilled to publish it 2021 Annual Report. In this publication, you will find remarks from the association’s Chair, paired with highlights […]

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Career colleges serve a student population unlike any other, distinct in diversity, background and socio-economic realities. They graduate to achieve their career goals and give back to their communities. Each year, the association organizes the CCO Awards to recognize those graduates and the hard-working instructors who helped get them to where they are today.
Shennel Lobrick

Anderson College

CCO Awards 2018: Outstanding Graduate in Applied Arts
Joshua Georgiades

Trebas Institute

CCO Awards 2017: Outstanding Graduate in Service
Henry Maxwell

Willis College

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