Report on police oversight bodies highlights potential training opportunities

Report on police oversight bodies highlights potential training opportunities
On April 29, 2016, the Honourable Michael H. Tulloch was tasked with reviewing Ontario’s three civilian police oversight bodies: the Special Investigations Unit (SIU), the Independent Police Review Director (OIPRD), and the Ontario Civilian Police Commission (OCPC). Over the course of a year, Hon. Tulloch consulted with stakeholders and the public to present “recommendations to improve the transparency, accountability, and effectiveness of those three civilian police oversight bodies.”
Please be advised that on March 31, 2017, the Honourable Michael H. Tulloch published The Report of the Independent Police Oversight Review. 
The report offers three recommendations pertaining to the training of police oversight bodies and gives reference to potential training opportunities, which may prove relevant to career colleges, and those offering Police Foundations training in particular.
These recommendations are:
Chapter 4 “Composition of the Oversight Bodies”
4.18. – Recommendation:
There should be a standardized education program to accredit SIU and OIPRD investigators.
Chapter 10 “Indigenous Peoples and Police Oversight”
10.1 – Recommendation:
The oversight bodies should develop and deliver in partnership with Indigenous persons and communities mandatory Indigenous cultural competency training for their staff. This training should be a permanent and ongoing commitment within each organization, and include the following:
(a) A substantial course about Canada’s Indigenous communities, with a focus on Ontario’s Indigenous communities, including, but not limited to their history, culture, spirituality, language, and current issues. This training must be consistent, comprehensive, and available to all staff, especially those coming into contact or working with Indigenous peoples; and
(b) Key performance indicators to track outcomes and success.
Chapter 12 “Other Forms of Police Oversight”
12.2 – Recommendation:
The Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services should develop mandatory training for police services board members. This training should be developed in partnership with the Ontario Association of Police Services Boards and post-secondary institutions with expertise in the areas of public sector and not-for-profit governance.



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