Lucy Qian

Lucy Qian

Currently, Lucy works as a registered pharmacy technician in two hospitals: Ottawa Hospital and Queensway Carleton Hospital.

In order to land a job, Lucy followed the PEBC (Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada) process. ”I first had to finish a pharmacy technician program in Canada, so I did that at Algonquin Career Academy. After that, I started to prepare for the registered test and took it according to schedule. After that, I registered my results with the College, and then I became a registered pharmacy technician,” Lucy says.


“For my job right now, the most helpful part is the placement in the hospital and in the community,” graduate Lucy Qian says. “It gives you a chance to learn in the real world before you begin to work. However, the whole course was very helpful in preparing for and passing the test. The entire process was made more clear for me.”

Another benefit of learning at ACA? It’s a CCAPP Accredited Program. “The value of Accreditation learning is recommended for professionals as it is reliable and quality assured. An accredited program follows well-laid-out standards. These standards help the college provide quality education, the end product being competent practitioners,” notes Asfiyah, ACA’s program coordinator.



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