Thank you for getting in touch!

We have received your request and will be searching our database to see if we store your record. But before you go, here is some important information you should know. 

We’re not the only transcript storage service.

Please note, there are multiple pre-qualified vendors for maintaining and issuing student transcripts for private career colleges. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that your transcript is stored with us.

We do not store diplomas.

Diplomas are issued by an institution. We do not store diplomas and cannot validate their authenticity. While transcripts are validated proof of a student’s credentials, if you need to retrieve a diploma, you must contact your college.

Transcripts previous to September, 2007, may not be available.

Previous to September, 2007, Ontario career colleges were not required obtain a third-party transcript storage service. As a result, transcripts with a graduation date previous to September, 2007, may not be stored in our database. 

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