We’re placing a priority on processing

We’re placing a priority on processing

A New System That Works For Your College

Over the past few months, CCO has been working to implement a new process that empowers our FAO team to adapt to the substantial increase in yearly OSAP submissions, and process your campus’ applications faster.

Since 2016, the CCO Financial Aid Office has doubled the number of files processed each year from ten thousand to more than twenty thousand applications last year, alone.

While it is necessary for us to adapt to this hefty increase of applications, student support and speedy processing times remain top of mind for our association.

Reliable Student Line

Our new phone system features a student line that distributes student inquiries to their respective campus processing team, simplifying the process and reducing stress for your students.

Optimized Processing

We’re optimizing our procedures to focus on what we do best—OSAP processing. And, of course, less time spent on-call means better results for your college.

What’s New for Students?

Facing a high increase in call volume and workload, one thing became clear: it was time to invest in technology that would allow us to continue to deliver the service and outcomes our members expect.

As a result, we have upgraded our phone systems from a single receptionist to a comprehensive system that appropriately directs calls based on callers’ needs. Implementing this system means student inquiries are submitted to CCO and reliably distributed to your campus’ FAO team—a faster and more personal approach to student support.

What’s New for FAOs?

In short? Faster processing times for your campus. However, we’ve made some necessary changes.

To adjust to the higher volume of applications and maintain the high-quality work of our seasoned FAO processors, FAOs are to email inquiries to their designated CCO processing team, who will then review their questions and call them personally. Although this change means we will not be able to take your calls immediately, we can still ensure FAOs find answers to their questions in a timely manner—all while introducing a notable boost in your campus processing times.

What to include in your email:

-A detailed description of your inquiry
-Student name and OAN
-Phone number to reach you

Depending on the nature of the inquiry, our FAO team will reply by phone or email. As with our student line, failing to provide the proper information detailed above may result in no response.

CCO Student Line

As always, Career Colleges Ontario hosts a 24/7 student line that operates in queue order. Students may submit their inquiry to CCO using the student line and will receive a call back in 2-3 business days.

(519) 752-2124



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